There are three training options:

  • Semi- Private Training: Training is performed in small groups with an emphasis on individualized goals and needs. Each member has access to over 40 group exercise sessions available mornings, evenings and weekends, your own fitness coach at each and every session as well as personal fitness and nutrition programmes designed specifically for you. With an unconditionally positive environment you will receive constant support, motivation and guidance every step of the way- guaranteeing you the benefits and results of personal training at a fraction of the cost. From £49-69 a month.
  • Personal Training: This is our premium service. We work one on one with a number of our clients requiring a bit more focus/ customization. This can be combined with your own personal programme. From £99 a month.
  • Programmed Training: Receive full programming but with the flexibility to use our centre as you need. From £59 a month.

We work with a wide range of people for a variety of fitness goals. Lets face it before you become a specialist you have to be a good generalist and that is where most people will start when looking to improve their fitness.

We start with a custom assessment. This usually is a product of a few sessions with us. You see we like to get you moving first, in time we can personalise things for you but we have to see you move first before we can make any assumptions that we know what is going to be the best training programme for you. From here we can programme exactly what you need…. be it strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation, weight loss etc. From here it’s away you go- no matter what your goals are we have provided programmes for new exercisers, international athletes, polar explorers, pop bands (yes… but we only name drop when you ask nicely) as well as many time poor individuals looking for the best possible spend of their time exercising.

We train people either one on one or in small groups. Both have their advantages and it’s ultimately your preference how you work with us. Either way we give everyone two free weeks to try training with us at Results FAST to see if you like what we do!

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