Get In To The Best Shape of Your Life

Hi! My name is Ian Mellis and I work with a wide range of time poor individuals looking to make smart choices around exercise and nutrition. If you need help to move, look, feel and perform better then I can help you. I have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and I feel I have a membership that not only offers you flexibility but also expertise every step of the way. Whatever your goals or targets my team and I will help you put all your efforts in the right place.



Looking to lift your fitness to a higher level? I will build you a programme combining strength, power and conditioning vital for success in your sport.

Getting Started

Trying to find a better way of not just starting but maintaining exercise. I will build a programme for you taking in to account your goals, experience, injuries and fitness levels.

Lose Fat

I will help build an exercise and nutrition plan that is flexible, sustainable and can be repeated for life. I will help you build a more efficient metabolism and help keep the weight off.


Small Group Personal Training

Training in small groups with structured and motivating fitness coaching.

1-1 Personal Training

Personal training focussed specifically upon your needs.

Online and Distance Coaching

Your own customised programme at your finger tips where ever you are.

About Me

My name is Ian Mellis and I have been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years. In that time I have worked with a large variety of people from new Mums to international athletes in 3 sports. From Spice Girls to time poor office workers struggling to find time to exercise. Simply my job is to find a way to help you move, feel. look and perform better. I have been featured in Men and Women’s Health for innovative ways of training was featured as the “Worlds Most Efficient Gym”. For 10 years I predominantly worked in 1-1 training in central London before setting up a training facility in Ware, Hertfordshire. I have an MSc In Sports and Exercise Science and if I had to describe how I work in a nutshell I would say that I aim to create a straight line for you between where you are now and your goals saving you time, money and effort.

Listen to My Podcast

Season 1: Episode 8- Our Top 3 Priorities When Looking to Start an Exercise Programme The Results FAST Cast

Expert hosts Ian Mellis (www.resultsfast.co.uk Instagram: @resultsfast) and Ayo Williams (www.ayotrainingnutrtion.com Instagram: @ayotrainingnutrition) discuss their 3 top priorities when they start to write an exercise programme for someone Among the topics answered includes: – Why exercise choice isn't the first thing we think of. – How progression is important not just for your goal attainment but also for motivation. – What common mistakes people make when it comes to starting up. – Why your goals need to be compared to the best possible programme you should do and be distilled from there rather than being built from the bottom up.
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