IanMellis.com is my online blog where I write about fitness and nutrition, my gym is called Results FAST. At Results FAST our focus is to deliver the best possible training and nutrition service individualized to your needs. We aim to deliver over every other local gym and personal trainers as we have a wide array of experience and our whole gym is set up to deliver results. Firstly, how did we get here and why should you train with us?

This is usually where you offer a proof of expertise or some cheesy before and after pictures (we don’t do this just ask our members about their results and what they have achieved), I’ll just describe how and why we opened Results FAST in Ware.

When I started my career as most people do I started getting basic qualifications in fitness and personal training, from there I completed a degree in Sports Science and accessory qualifications in Strength and Conditioning as well as Masters degree in Sports Science. I then started working for a chain gym in Central London… within 18 months I was manager and spent most of my time counting credit card receipt’s and dealing with membership sales…. not exactly personal training!

I quit management and decided to go full time as a personal trainer and moved to a relatively small company of 6 employees who worked out of a studio near Piccadilly in the West End of London. Personal training was still a pretty new thing and well… it was the best decision I made. At the time exercise and fitness was dominated by old school body building and aerobics. With my degree background I generally thought that training could be a bit smarter and we were at the pinnacle of an industry trying to define itself. Nutrition and training got smarter and we were at the forefront training over 40 personal training clients one on one every week.

Fast forward ten years and the company had grown to 60 odd trainers, 5 top selling fitness and health books which I had contributed to, a training academy for aspiring trainers as well as 5 locations across London. I had trained a range of individual’s from Spice Girls, The Saturdays, polar explorers, top business executives and generally time poor individuals looking for focused personal training.

Twinned with this I was working with a professional rugby team, a number of regional athletes and a mix of junior swimmers and tennis players on their strength and conditioning. I became the company’s technical director- (meaning technically I was not a director) but as most people know working for someone else can be quite frustrating.

At this point though I realized I wanted to run my own company and set up Results Fitness and Sports Training.

So on a cold winters day we got the keys to Results FAST and opened our doors. We had no members, no local reputation and a rent check due in 3 months to pay. So we got on with it- juggling jobs and running a start up. And we are still here. In fact we are more than still here every year in business we have grown considerably baring in mind 80% of small businesses close after 2 years. We work with a range of clients from fat loss, injury rehab, exercisers looking for a better gym experience and those looking to take their performance to new heights.

As a reflection of our work in the fitness industry we have been featured in The Daily Telegraph, Glamour, Runners World, The Huffington Post as well as Men’s Health who declared Results FAST “Home of the Worlds Most Efficient Workout.”

Talk is cheap and most gyms and trainers will tell you that you should train with them. We offer a two week free membership so you can see if we are a good fit for you so why not check us out!

“Ian is an expert in his field who not only understands training at a high level but manages to make it easy for the everyday person to understand. Compared to other coaches his ability to deliver complex ideas in an applied useable format is second to none”

Wesley Doyle. Fitness Editor – Men’s Health Magazine

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