Upper body day 3

This is the third day of the weight training programme for enhancing muscle mass. The primary exercise of the bench press is performed with a narrow grip giving a tricep emphasis but also to teach proper form and technique. The supplemental exercise of push ups varies hand placement using dumbells with a neutral grip, also this gives an element of instability to challenge the stability muscles of the shoulder. Single arm push press is used as an accelerative pushing exercise. Seated rows provide balance for horizontal pulling working the scapular retractors. Roll outs challenge the abdominals in what I term a moving brace drill, the abs act to stabilize the core minimizing excessive extension of the spine. External rotations finish the session with some rotator cuff work.

Published by ianmellis

Ian Mellis MSc. CSCS is the co-founder of Results FAST (www.resultsfast.com)based in Ware, Hertfordshire. Specialising in athletic development, physique improvement and injury rehabilitation he provides personal training, strength and conditioning and nutrition coaching for motivated exercisers and those looking to make a long term change to their health, fitness and performance.

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