Just a quick blog post to let the regular readers of this blog that Results FAST has been featured in Men’s Health in TWO articles this month.

One of the articles is on progressions for those looking to build up their physique to progress towards Olympic lifting. I’ve often been misinterpreted in the past that I don’t value the O Lifts, this is not necessarily true. What I do believe is that a strong balanced physique with great form in the squat, front squat and deadlift are a priority before we attempt full body complexes. This means that to¬†maximize power development it is important to become powerful on these lifts before progressing towards the O Lifts.

Our second feature is a bit more fun- it involves the Men’s Health elite challenge and a static fitness test. While the basic plank is one of the foundation exercises of all our trainees the iron cross and the wall sit are both exercises that may be that little bit out of the norm from what we regularly programme. Either way it’s a good test of static strength and a nice way to finish your programme. Both articles are featured in the July edition of Men’s Health so have fun testing some of the programmes out!

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