What’s the point of personal training?

Not something you would expect a full time trainer to say. The role of personal trainers in the UK has almost gone completely over to being a sales executive rather than a health and fitness expert. Bigger companies push their staff to sell rather than focus on what they got in to the industry for in the first place. Now I understand that sales are a pre-requisite in any business and while not wanting to create an army of clip boarded up technicians there has to be a happy medium. Trainers should be allowed to talk passionatly about their profession- not have to sell blocks of 10 sessions weekly to keep earning. All programmes should be at least 3 months this allows the client to actually focus on a goal for a prolonged period of time. 10 sessions in itself is not training- it’s exercise and hence a lot of trainers simply provide activity for adults- it’s pathetic in concept.

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