Things I Learnt From 2013….

Every year I tend to way in with my opinion of a few things that we either do at Results FAST, have borrowed of other people and use at Results FAST or changes in approach to the way we work as professionals at the gym. These often can be translated in to many things whetherContinue reading “Things I Learnt From 2013….”

Deconstructing the Deadlift

I like deadlifting…. Mainly because I am good at it. This is a common thing for a lot of people who lift weights or perform any form of structured exercise. We tend to master the things we are better at, be it squatting, bench pressing, sprinting or marathon running. We develop excellence by specialization. FirstContinue reading “Deconstructing the Deadlift”

Building Training Programmes for Fat Loss: Part 1…

Lets face it personal training is expensive. Not only is it expensive but if you do a basic search for personal trainer in your local town they are on the increase. In my local town of Ware/ Hertford there appear to be over 20 trainers all plugging different approaches for fat loss from different dietsContinue reading “Building Training Programmes for Fat Loss: Part 1…”

Fast Snack for People in a Hurry!

Just a quick post this week. A lot of the people I work with tend to be time poor, often people are structured with their training but find that they struggle with organising their diet and preparing food. The following is a recipe for turkey meatballs which is high in quality protein, moderate levels ofContinue reading “Fast Snack for People in a Hurry!”

16 FAST Fat Loss Tips for Results…

Remember there are under 3 months to Christmas, the Turkey’s are getting fatter. Make sure you aren’t confused with a seasonal bird by putting some of these tips in to play to get the results you want… Tip 1: Drink Herbal Tea Herbal teas are calorifically low and can suffice to satisfy cravings for sweet foods.Continue reading “16 FAST Fat Loss Tips for Results…”

Why Posture is Important: Part 1…

Why is Neutral Spine Important in All Exercises? Three natural curves are present in a healthy spine. The neck/ cervical spine, the mid-back/ thoracic spine and the lower back/ lumbar spine. The neutral alignment is important in helping to cushion the spine from too much stress. Learning how to maintain a neutral spine position alsoContinue reading “Why Posture is Important: Part 1…”

The benefits of uni-lateral training…

Regardless of an individual’s background most people will have a dominant or stronger side of the body. As this side is more dominant, strength, co-ordination and muscle size may vary from the opposite limb. Most exercise programmes related to strength development contain bilateral (both sides of the body) movements such as the Bench Press, SquatsContinue reading “The benefits of uni-lateral training…”

Does Sub-Maximal Training Lead to Submaximal Results?

Training for endurance sports is generally a question of efficiency. Efficiency of good performance though is a product of replicating competition and it’s demands. Competition in itself is performed at maximal or close to maximal intensity. This leads to a question about excessive training volume, lower intensity sessions and how a training programme is structured.Continue reading “Does Sub-Maximal Training Lead to Submaximal Results?”