Lessons from an Olympic Medalist…

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a motivation day for Hoddesdon Swimming Club. Hoddesdon for such a small club have a very professional setup and an excellent coach who likes to give her athletes the best possible support. I have been working with some of their junior athletes thereContinue reading “Lessons from an Olympic Medalist…”

Don’t Believe the Hype… How to Get Stronger and Gain Muscle… With No Fads!

In the fitness industry everyone is selling something, be it a “new” programme that provides “instant results.” Indeed type fat loss or muscle gain in to google and you will find a host of e-books, specialist coaching programmes, never seen before methods and a whole host of other BS that basically peddles the same informationContinue reading “Don’t Believe the Hype… How to Get Stronger and Gain Muscle… With No Fads!”

The Quick Warm Up…

Let’s face it most of the time we want to get in to a session as quickly as possible. Preperation is vitally important but how do we get a session rolling if time is short? Why is time short well life gets in the way- because people are running late, chatting or thinking what armContinue reading “The Quick Warm Up…”

Squats Continued… Box Squats

A further point of discussion is the merits of box squatting. Box squatting is as simple as it sounds, squat, sit down, stand up. However, the position and distribution of the loading is important as is your back position when seated. With spinal pressures increased in a seated position I am not one who recommendsContinue reading “Squats Continued… Box Squats”

Practical Principles of Strength and Conditioning: Part 1

There are obviously a range of exercises that people consider more bang for your buck when considering enhancing physical abilities. Be it gains in muscle size, strength or functional conditioning then a number of exercises carry over as a foundation movement that should be included in a training programme.  One of the first foundational movementsContinue reading “Practical Principles of Strength and Conditioning: Part 1”