Train to be Better- Not Just Tired…

 When exercising we all want to be pushed. Indeed fatigue is a good thing. Fatigue effectively shows that we are working at our physical limits for a given attribute. However, the issue I have with higher repetition work is that often form is compromised. When form is compromised the body places undue stress on itsContinue reading “Train to be Better- Not Just Tired…”

Experiments in Fat Loss: Part 2- Cheating and Training…

Two weeks in to a low carb 28 day blitz and quite frankly I am suprised how easy I found it. Cheat day proved to be the highlight of the week and I found after two weeks of focussed eating that I didn’t really want to go overboard from generally eating bad stuff. Every weekContinue reading “Experiments in Fat Loss: Part 2- Cheating and Training…”

New Year Tips- Balance the Scales…

1- Eat Small Meals at Regular Intervals. Rather than eating 3 large meals try to eat 5-7 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help you regulate your hunger and provide a steady flow of energy meaning you will not be so tempted to start snacking. 2- Drink Water or Green Tea. FruitContinue reading “New Year Tips- Balance the Scales…”

You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Fat

Okay, I am going to keep this one short but sweet (irony for a post on fat!). Eat too much fat and you will store it as fat, it is the most calorific of the macronutrients. Eat too little fat and you run the risk of harming a number of different metabolic processes in theContinue reading “You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Fat”

Don’t Believe the Hype… How to Get Stronger and Gain Muscle… With No Fads!

In the fitness industry everyone is selling something, be it a “new” programme that provides “instant results.” Indeed type fat loss or muscle gain in to google and you will find a host of e-books, specialist coaching programmes, never seen before methods and a whole host of other BS that basically peddles the same informationContinue reading “Don’t Believe the Hype… How to Get Stronger and Gain Muscle… With No Fads!”

You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Carbohydrates

When I check the blogs stats for hits I’m expecting this one to go through the roof- Why? Well carbohydrate consumption in relation to weight loss, gain and sporting performance is one of those topics that seems at the moment to be more contentious than religion. Carbohydrate is in effect fuel for energy and thereforeContinue reading “You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Carbohydrates”