Hamstrung- Effective Hamstring Training for Performance

Both runners and cyclists in the past have considered the quads to be the primary muscles to develop for performance commonly leading to overbuilt, dominant anterior leg muscles.   The hamstrings are among the muscles responsible for running and cycling fast as they are involved in both knee flexion (bending and hip extension (torso straighteningContinue reading “Hamstrung- Effective Hamstring Training for Performance”

Experiments in Fat Loss: Part 2- Cheating and Training…

Two weeks in to a low carb 28 day blitz and quite frankly I am suprised how easy I found it. Cheat day proved to be the highlight of the week and I found after two weeks of focussed eating that I didn’t really want to go overboard from generally eating bad stuff. Every weekContinue reading “Experiments in Fat Loss: Part 2- Cheating and Training…”

New Year Tips- Balance the Scales…

1- Eat Small Meals at Regular Intervals. Rather than eating 3 large meals try to eat 5-7 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help you regulate your hunger and provide a steady flow of energy meaning you will not be so tempted to start snacking. 2- Drink Water or Green Tea. FruitContinue reading “New Year Tips- Balance the Scales…”

What’s New… Apart From The New Year…

Happy New Year to all the readers of the blog. As this serves as an updater for both training info and for currently training clients I’m going to roll of a few things you may see going forward on the blog as well as from a training perspective over the next few months. From aContinue reading “What’s New… Apart From The New Year…”

You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Fat

Okay, I am going to keep this one short but sweet (irony for a post on fat!). Eat too much fat and you will store it as fat, it is the most calorific of the macronutrients. Eat too little fat and you run the risk of harming a number of different metabolic processes in theContinue reading “You Can’t Train a Bad Diet!: Fat”