A Primer on Body Fat Metabolism: Fuel Usage…

As a continuation from previous posts to document best practice of fat loss training and nutrition we always feel it is best to educate first┬áso people who train with us understand the principles of fat metabolism. To understand how to burn fat it is important to understand how it is stored. Fat cells are veryContinue reading “A Primer on Body Fat Metabolism: Fuel Usage…”

3 Proven Supplements for FAST Fat Loss Results…

Supplements are a contentious issue when it comes to fat loss. Many products suggest rapid results and a fat burning effect but what really works? A lot of the time science and research is used to back up a lot of the claims of supplements. However a lot of these studies are animal based. UnsuprisinglyContinue reading “3 Proven Supplements for FAST Fat Loss Results…”

Fast Snack for People in a Hurry!

Just a quick post this week. A lot of the people I work with tend to be time poor, often people are structured with their training but find that they struggle with organising their diet and preparing food. The following is a recipe for turkey meatballs which is high in quality protein, moderate levels ofContinue reading “Fast Snack for People in a Hurry!”

3 Proven Fat Loss Tips…

Fat and weight loss is often a lot of our clients main goal at Results Fast. With the volume of misinformation in the media it is hard to find information that is factually correct.   These three strategies are backed up in research as having a positive correlation with fat loss. Now this does notContinue reading “3 Proven Fat Loss Tips…”

Barefoot Training and Trainer Choice: Part 1.

Two months ago I had ankle surgery which after two years of nursing an ankle instability issue gave me an even greater interest in understanding the foot and ankle complex. Trainers are something that I spend about 90% of my life wearing so it is important for me to get my footwear choices right- especiallyContinue reading “Barefoot Training and Trainer Choice: Part 1.”