Barefoot Training and Trainer Choice: Part 1.

Two months ago I had ankle surgery which after two years of nursing an ankle instability issue gave me an even greater interest in understanding the foot and ankle complex. Trainers are something that I spend about 90% of my life wearing so it is important for me to get my footwear choices right- especiallyContinue reading “Barefoot Training and Trainer Choice: Part 1.”

A Wobbly Concept

Unstable surface training has become a popular concept in fitness training. Vibration platforms and bosu boards are becoming mainstays in commercial gyms as they try to entice their customers with varied forms of training based entertainment. Is it all a waste of your time though? Initially, it is important to look at the background ofContinue reading “A Wobbly Concept”

Hamstrung- Effective Hamstring Training for Performance

Both runners and cyclists in the past have considered the quads to be the primary muscles to develop for performance commonly leading to overbuilt, dominant anterior leg muscles.   The hamstrings are among the muscles responsible for running and cycling fast as they are involved in both knee flexion (bending and hip extension (torso straighteningContinue reading “Hamstrung- Effective Hamstring Training for Performance”

Stretching Myths…

Dispelling exercise and nutrition myths is one thing that we do regularly at Results FAST. One subject that often comes up is the question over stretching before a workout. A new study released recently highlights that stretching before activity does not help protect you from injury. Twinned with this a recent piece of research inContinue reading “Stretching Myths…”

Why Am I Injured? Fixing the Flaws…

Wondering why your back hurts? Why do you shoulder’s feel creaky? It could be down to your posture. Your training and what you do daily greatly influences how your body changes and adapts- this effects muscle and the connective tissue attached. What goes on at the shoulder is greatly affected by the various muscular attachments.Continue reading “Why Am I Injured? Fixing the Flaws…”