The Quick Warm Up…

Let’s face it most of the time we want to get in to a session as quickly as possible. Preperation is vitally important but how do we get a session rolling if time is short? Why is time short well life gets in the way- because people are running late, chatting or thinking what armContinue reading “The Quick Warm Up…”

What’s the point of personal training?

Not something you would expect a full time trainer to say. The role of personal trainers in the UK has almost gone completely over to being a sales executive rather than a health and fitness expert. Bigger companies push their staff to sell rather than focus on what they got in to the industry forContinue reading “What’s the point of personal training?”

Exercise or Training?

What’s the difference- we are told exercise is good for our health but there is a massive difference between exercise and training. Exercise in its self is non-directional see it more as activity. Indeed most people perform some form of exercise, would you say these people have anywhere near optimum strength levels, body composition, mobilityContinue reading “Exercise or Training?”

No Fixed Weights

When putting the gym kit together at Results Fast ( I took the approach that there would be limited CV equipment and no fixed weight machines. Why? Well do a google search for the benefits of free weights and you will get quite a long list. The main question though is why limited cv/ cardio kit?Continue reading “No Fixed Weights”

Timed circuits for conditioning..

An effective way of maximizing gym time and to get enough volume in to your training is to perform timed circuits. I quite like this approach as it not only burns calories at the rate of knots but also if specific you can see some strength gains carryover. My approach this month is to useContinue reading “Timed circuits for conditioning..”